for my printmaking students

Blog #10

Featured artist -  JENNIFER BROWN

Printmaking Instructor at the Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH


Jennifer Brown's tip: 

"Sometimes, things don't turn out the way I expect them to.  Anyone who has ever done art or followed a creative pursuit can probably say the same thing.  If this happens to you, my tip is: finish the project anyway, and adjust as needed (or adjust your expectations).  When I developed the solar plate for "Mary, Undone," it looked awful.  I was sure it was ruined and was ready to throw it away.  Sharone looked at it and gave me some terrific advice: "print it anyway," because it might be really cool.  It was beyond cool - nothing like what I expected, but I would never have known that it would look ethereal and a little mystical.  It's one of my favorite prints."

for my drawing students

blog #9 / featured artist series #1

Susan Schubert

Artist: L'Atelier de Suzanne Schubert

Susan's tip:

"Use a light center line like a spinal column to position whatever you're drawing. After LIGHTLY drawing the "outline" of your figure, make the lines disappear by shading the object and contrasting background. Heavy lines around an object make it look flat. When shading or cross hatching, let your pencil follow the contours of the object."