for my printmaking students

Blog #10

Featured artist -  JENNIFER BROWN

Printmaking Instructor at the Cultural Arts Center, Columbus, OH


Jennifer Brown's tip: 

"Sometimes, things don't turn out the way I expect them to.  Anyone who has ever done art or followed a creative pursuit can probably say the same thing.  If this happens to you, my tip is: finish the project anyway, and adjust as needed (or adjust your expectations).  When I developed the solar plate for "Mary, Undone," it looked awful.  I was sure it was ruined and was ready to throw it away.  Sharone looked at it and gave me some terrific advice: "print it anyway," because it might be really cool.  It was beyond cool - nothing like what I expected, but I would never have known that it would look ethereal and a little mystical.  It's one of my favorite prints."